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The United Church Observer's editor and publisher, Jocelyn Bell. Photo: Lindsay Palmer

Observations: #MeToo

by Jocelyn Bell

Our hope is that by giving voice to these #MeToo stories, a new conversation about sexual misconduct can begin.


Rana Nazzal/Instagram

Palestinian activist informs the world through social media

by Mugoli Samba

Rana Nazzal talks about what protesting and reclaiming narratives is like in Palestine.


C.S. Lewis “came to his faith via doubt, pain and even hostility.” Photo: Alamy

Why C.S. Lewis is still relevant today

by Michael Coren

In fact, the academic and author, who died in 1963, is arguably more popular and influential now than during his lifetime. Buy why?


Photo: Pixabay.com

Is yoga a form of spiritual appropriation?

by Anne Bokma

From yoga to sweat lodges, many SBNR seekers are unwittingly engaging in spiritual appropriation


Sandy and Allan Wilson.

“Thank you for being my dopted parents”

by Allan Wilson

Eighteen years after his teen son died of cancer, this writer celebrates a new type of fatherhood when he becomes legal guardian of a man with disabilities.


ObserverDocs: Playing by Heart

by Observer Staff

United Church music director Kara Shaw was born prematurely, became almost totally blind and was later diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Today, the 28-year-old showcases her unique musical ability, performing piano on local and national stages.


Johnny Silvercloud/Shutterstock.com

How Canadians can help stop children being torn from their parents at the U.S. border

by Julie McGonegal

What can we really do this side of the border anyway? Quite a lot, actually. And there’s no time to waste.


Photo: Pixabay.com

What I learned while caring for the dying

by Colleen Friesen

There is an idea in Celtic Christianity called “thin place,” when the membrane between this world and whatever lies beyond is an almost transparent veil.

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