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Gifts with Vision—making a difference since 2011

One of the gifts offered in the catalogue supports people in poverty through Our Place Society.

By The Philanthropy Unit of The United Church of Canada

This story has been sponsored by Philanthropy Unit of The United Church of Canada.

Since The United Church of Canada’s launch of the Gifts with Vision giving program in 2011, generous donors have given more than $2 million to our partners in Canada and across the world. We are thankful that the people of The United Church of Canada are so generous in their support of Gifts with Vision. 

One of the gifts that was featured in the 2017-2018 Gifts with Vision catalogue provided bus passes to people affected by poverty in Victoria, B.C. through our partner, Our Place Society. This work is at the core of everything Our Place Society does: they say that the bus passes they provide, along with meals, “are the two biggest reasons people walk through our doors, connect with our staff, and start the process of getting support.”

In 2017-2018, generous givers to Gifts with Vision provided over 100 bus passes to Our Place Society. Our Place Society shared a story with us about the ways in which bus passes benefited one Victoria resident:

Gill is a regular at Our Place Society, and has been coming through our doors daily for over a year. Gill does not have a home and struggles with mental health. She eats three meals a day in our dining hall, and spends her time in our drop-in centre.

Not long ago, Gill approached our outreach workers for help, and was able to get her ID re-issued as hers had been stolen while she slept in the park. She started collecting income assistance for the first time in months. Gill used bus passes donated by the United Church for both meetings.

Today, Gill has signed up with our Next Steps program, an employment readiness program designed to support people with mental health get access to employment. She is on a waitlist for transitional housing.

This year’s catalogue—launched on October 1—again features Our Place Society, along with more than 30 other Indigenous, Canadian, and global partners. Gifts with Vision is also online and ready to help you lovingly celebrate a special occasion and make a difference in the world –with no excessive packaging and no exchanges.

For more information or to request a catalogue, contact Gifts with Vision by email at info@giftswithvision.ca or by phone at 1-844-715-7969.


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